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Why use a VPN when traveling?

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Today traveling without a cell phone laptop or tablet has become very rare. If so don’t deny that someone saw you going through security at the airport with a machine in hand :-). and these Tools that have become essential contain a lot of personal information!

How to protect personal data and browse the web safely when traveling abroad? Follow news jobs or watch your favorite series or shows online Replay in a different region? This is most likely via a VPN (Virtual Private Network sorry we didn’t choose that name…) a necessary even essential tool for all the internet-connected travelers in the world.

We explain that when you’re connected to wifi in a coffee shop or airport you’ll no longer have to worry about your privacy and your hotel’s concierge will have no way of knowing what you were streaming yesterday night. Therefore by using a VPN while traveling anywhere you are connected you will be protected from cyberattacks or computer espionage.

What is a VPN?

Once you connect your favorite machine to the network (4G for your phone wifi at your hotel cable available in the library etc.) many people will know What do you do: 4G network provider Internet provider Hotel owner who “provides” wifi for you Librarian who looks at you through his glasses and of course there are plenty of hackers looking for you Stealing confidential data…you think you’re the only one on the web but in reality, a lot of people are there watching you too not always with good intentions.

The acronym VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” in English; in French, we also speak of VPN as “Virtual Private Network” but it’s the English term in common use.

A VPN is software that establishes an encrypted secure connection directly to your phone or computer and creates a data “tunnel” for a trusted tunnel provider enabling The data circulating there to be completely inaccessible to curious children and allowing you to surf the web in complete safety while traveling abroad.

The VPN provider then gives you the possibility to surf the internet in your country without anyone being able to know what you are doing there and can even simulate a connection from another country for easy access Your favorite service is not always available abroad.

The benefits of using a VPN when traveling

you don’t know where I am

Using a VPN while traveling allows you to mask an IP address (such as the “postal address” of your phone or computer on the internet network you’re using) and replace it with the IP address assigned by the VPN. VPN from Quality even allows you to choose the source of this IP address. So you can simulate that you are in France and at the same time on the other side of the world.

You cannot intercept or exploit my data

A VPN creates a secure tunnel between your computer and the online site or service you use.

Additionally, the VPN encrypts (makes it unreadable) the data looping through the tunnel. The latter prevents your data from being intercepted and data encryption adds a layer of security because even if your data is Intercepted it is practically impossible to exploit them.

I go “under the radar”

VPNs leave no (or very little) traces of your internet activity. Since your IP address is hidden and your data is encrypted it allows you to browse websites without officially identifying yourself. malicious people and others So Curiosity can’t find you or “listen” to what’s going on when you connect.

Therefore using a VPN while traveling can give you peace of mind to surf the web or use online services in open and/or unsecured networks such as airports train stations hotels cafes etc.

Note however that VPNs are prohibited in some countries. Know this before you leave to avoid trouble.

How to use VPN?

In most cases, the VPN is installed as an app directly on the device of your choice (computer tablet smartphone). It allows you to access the Internet safely and anonymously Avoid cybercrime and in some cases censorship.

This easy-to-use tool can accompany you on vacation or professional missions to the four corners of the world. Installing a VPN is quick and easy just choose the offer that suits you create your account and then Download the software to the device of your choice.

We recommend that you perform this procedure before departure to avoid the risk of on-the-spot cyber malicious and make sure you choose the offers available on different platforms of use: Android IOS Windows Mac Linux…

Top reasons to use a VPN when traveling abroad

Protect your internet connection and personal data

When traveling abroad we increase our connections on free public wifi networks and at the same time, we increase the chances of hackers breaking into our data. These networks are only a few If not unsafe and a favorite playground for cybercriminals.

With a VPN your data is encrypted and your connection is established over a virtual network which allows you to operate on the Internet with complete security. Therefore your real IP address is not recognized and your location allows you to browse in complete privacy. A very useful and powerful feature of a VPN especially for people who work while traveling.

Bypass censorship in some countries

Besides being very useful in dealing with hacking attacks VPNs also allow internet users to access content and social networks that are blocked in certain countries. Therefore a VPN can circumvent censorship on some national internet networks. So with a VPN you can overcome these obstacles and continue to access all types of web content from anywhere in the world.

Be careful though the use of VPNs is regulated or even banned in some countries. Make sure you are well informed to avoid any problems.

Save on travel costs

Saving money and managing money while traveling are one of the main concerns for many travelers. Flights and rooms can be found by using a VPN cheap hotel. Virtually all booking platforms adjust prices based on internet users’ location and browsing history. Using a VPN allows you to appear as a new customer and Change your location so you can benefit from a better price.

Bypass geo-restrictions

The possibility to modify your geographic location also allows you to access cultural content that is not available in the country you visit such as music or videos. Look for. For example, some countries prohibit the rebroadcast of French channels. With a VPN from Latin America or Africa, you can find your IP address in France to continue consulting your Favorite content.

Travel Safely with Globe Traveler and Windscribe

Because we are never immune to health failures or accidents as we travel around the world in complete peace insurance is highly recommended. voyage.

Globetrotter health insurance and assistance solutions may be the right answer for your next trip abroad. It will of course intervene on-site for your medical bills and hospital bills and Also includes repatriation assistance guarantees and civil liability “private life baggage guarantees…” This travel insurance is a true ally for enjoying your stay abroad in Inner Peace.

To protect your digital life by subscribing to Globe Traveler we provide you with VPN access that gives you up to 20GB of free data per month for life. With this exclusive offer Offered in partnership with Windscribe ACS’ Canadian corporate partner, you’ll be able to surf in complete safety during your stay abroad. Once our Insurance contract is completed! Windscribe’s VPN is a very easy-to-use tool and very powerful. When you subscribe to Globe Traveler insurance you simply choose to take advantage of the offer to benefit from it.

To avoid annoying inconveniences when traveling abroad surf without protecting your data and privacy! Protect yourself from online piracy with VPN mode. Blocked content is based on Your geographic location will no longer be and the confidentiality of your communications on the Internet will be guaranteed!

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