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Traveling without insurance, good or bad idea?


Your travel departure date is approaching your reservation is complete and your luggage is ready. Now to leave with complete peace of mind you might ask yourself this question: Is it good to travel without insurance? Accidents lost luggage illness or repatriation while traveling anything can happen! Travel insurance and its guarantees are designed to protect travelers while traveling Departure and the whole journey. It provides an insurance appropriate to the length of stay and destination and protects travelers when needed. Best of all travel insurance allows you to enjoy your vacation in complete safety and peace.

Why buy travel insurance?

If I cancel the trip…

A broken leg summons remedial checks for the death of next of kin or layoffs…all of these unforeseen events can cause you to cancel your trip at the last minute. and no With travel cancellation insurance you must pay for some or even the entire cost of your stay. To avoid this situation and deal with it you can purchase cancellation insurance before departure.

Generally, cancellation insurance reimburses the cost of your trip minus the amount already reimbursed by the trip organizer (airline travel booking site travel agency, etc.) Sometimes franchises.

Cancellation insurance is often cheap (a fraction of the price of your trip). Don’t hesitate to subscribe to it especially if your travel prices are high.

If my luggage is lost or stolen…

Unexpected events may also occur during the journey. Luckily this doesn’t happen every day but for example, the airline can lose your luggage at the airport…so remember to cover your items so as not to regret it and have to buy your belongings back at the actual cost.

That said in the event of theft or loss of luggage your insurance may charge you a payout. Before subscribing to your travel insurance understand the caps and check the guarantee. It is important to specify all Guarantees vary depending on the contract.

If I get sick or have a small accident…

Cold or flu? You won’t die from it but it can ruin your trip especially if it gets worse. The same is true for minor accidents that may occur on site. When self-medicating It’s not enough anymore you have to make up your mind to go to the doctor put your hands in your wallet and treat yourself well. Between a doctor’s consultation and a trip to the pharmacy, bills can quickly climb.

If you travel in Europe and have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) it is possible (but not systematically) to be reimbursed. Please note that this reimbursement will be based on reimbursement standards of Social Security in your country of origin.

Outside the EU all care costs may also be borne by you. Without insurance, you will need to pay for all care costs out of your pocket. Indeed, the medicines cost different in the world here are Some examples of GP consultation prices around the world:

  • between 100 and 150 dollars in the United States
  • Between A$80 and A$100 in Australia
  • 5,000 yen (about 38 euros) in Japan

The cost of this type of consultation is still limited and won’t ruin you but it can be covered with good travel insurance. This will allow you to spend your travel budget on items other than medical expenses!

If I have a serious illness or accident that requires hospitalization and/or repatriation…

If you have to be hospitalized travel insurance will cover you and prevent you from ruining yourself with medical bills. You should know that even in countries with a lower standard of living than your country of origin (e.g South East Asia) Getting quality care can be very expensive. You will usually pay a higher price than in Europe! Bills can skyrocket in North American countries especially if you have to have surgery Or stay in the hospital for a few days. A simple ankle sprain can cost you thousands of dollars in the US!

Here are some examples of prices for an emergency room visit or a few days of hospitalization in different countries:

  • Canada: Mont-Tremblant ski accident €5,500
  • Thailand: Bitten by a monkey at Kho Phi Phi Ley 200 €
  • New Zealand: €9,200 for hospitalization after Auckland accident
  • Indonesia: €2,000 for 6 days in Jakarta for suspected dengue fever
  • Australia: €130,000 for multiple fractures in Perth motorcycle accident

As far as repatriation insurance is concerned you will be taken back to your country of origin if necessary. Without travel insurance, you or your loved ones will have to pay for the repatriation whatever the reason: accident illness, or death. In the case of medical repatriation, prices can skyrocket quickly: an overnight economy class flight or medical plane repatriation can cost you up to €30,000!

If I cause damage and take civil liability for my “private life”

When you buy travel insurance it’s mainly to pay for medical expenses abroad. We often forget an important guarantee: civil liability for “private life.” she is Covered if you involuntarily cause physical and/or material damage to another person. You may be subject to civil liability in certain circumstances such as:

You are riding a bike in Canada someone is on the road and you accidentally hit another cyclist. He fell with his phone in his hand; he was injured and his phone was broken. you cause property damage and Personal Injury: Your civil liability is assumed and you must reimburse him. This is when your “private life” civil liability insurance comes into play.

My credit card as travel insurance?

Many travelers feel that no matter what country or situation they are in their credit card will protect them abroad. Please note that we recommend that you check the contract conditions carefully. if you like a lot of people Don’t want to see a small bank calling your bank directly.

If you purchase travel with a credit card travel insurance may be automatically included. However, in most cases, this “free” travel insurance is far less effective than travel insurance Offered by experts, and guarantees are often limited (learn more about your credit card’s travel insurance).

Before taking out travel insurance we recommend that you pay attention to the guarantees contained in insurance you have taken out voluntarily or automatically whether from your bank or another institution. so you can avoid Copy and adjusting your travel insurance to suit your needs.

Traveling with insurance is sometimes necessary!

In and outside Europe some countries require the same valid travel insurance as a valid passport for visa applications to gain entry to their territory. if you go to Cuba In China Algeria or Russia take precautions as travel insurance is mandatory.

For students going abroad, the host country may also require travel insurance. Working Holiday Plan Travel Insurance Abroad Generally mandatory examples: PVT Canada Brazil Colombia Mexico…

Uninsured Travel: ‘At Your Own Risk

Some of the adventures you have on your trip can cost you (very) expensive of course we will try to avoid anything happening to you but you never know…if the unforeseen happens travel insurance will cover you and provide an Opportunity not to go into debt. So of course it represents an investment in your travel budget at first but it can also represent a real source of savings and a service that cannot be ignored.

You may not purchase travel insurance if it is not mandatory but we strongly recommend it. As the saying goes travel without insurance “at your own risk”!

For travelers looking to benefit from the favorable coverage of travel insurance without adding to the cost of their vacation, we have you in mind!

So is travel insurance a good idea or a bad idea?

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