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At the intersection of different cultures, England’s cuisine is richly varied and creative. London is the sixth-largest city in the world with the most Michelin-starred restaurants and is one of the world’s gastronomic capitals. kitchen. England has a lot to offer when it comes to modern cuisine. Let’s discover together some traditional dishes and drinks that are typical of the British national dish.

1. Fish and Chips

The most popular British meal is fish and chips served in pubs restaurants and specialty stands across the country. This is the quintessential Friday night takeaway dish a cherished tradition by many British families. Not very bland this dish is made of cod or haddock and is topped with chips dipped in pea puree vinegar and a dollop of tartar sauce.

2. A Sunday Roast

Having a roast with the family on Sunday is a British tradition. Roast meat with veggie roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding topped with a thick gravy. Whether it’s chicken lamb or beef Baked results are always delicious!

3. Yorkshire Puddings

A must-have accompaniment to a Sunday roast Yorkshire pudding isn’t “pudding” in the sweet sense. Pudding is made from a dough made of eggs flour and milk The oven provides a crunchy but at the same time soft golden savory accompaniment to the main course. Often accompanied by thick sauces its round shape is perfect for soaking up sauces and cleaning up leftovers from your plate!

4. Bangers and Mash

Also known as mashed potatoes Bangers and Mash is the ultimate in British comfort food. Sausages are served on creamy mashed potatoes and topped with a thick gravy. This recipe is simple but oh How satisfying!

5. Chicken Tikka Masala

The influence of Indian cuisine on British cuisine is considerable. England is indeed known for having some of the most authentic Indian dishes outside of India. This creamy slightly spiced curry is available today in National as one of England’s national dishes.

6. Full English Breakfast

No trip to England is complete without tasting one of the famous “French Fries”. This calorie breakfast includes fried eggs bacon sausage mushrooms baked beans and roasted tomatoes. and a slice of toast. You have to loosen the belt a few notches before you can fix it!

7. Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky toffee pudding literally “sticky toffee pudding” is one of England’s most popular desserts. This moist sponge cake is made with molasses and sweet dates and then coated with a caramel sauce. he Serves hot with cream or ice cream.

8. Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is one of the quintessentially British ways to fully enjoy the afternoon. It consists of sandwich pastry cake (without crust) and scones with jam and clotted cream (cream fresh thick pasteurized). It’s all on a tiered cake stand with a cup of English breakfast tea to wash it down.

9. British Scones

English scones are slightly sweet and usually served with jam butter and clotted cream but you can also enjoy them plain. Better have a cup of tea Freshly brewed scones are perfect for tea time!

10. A cup of tea

Tea is the most popular drink in the UK and an important part of everyday life in the UK. The most popular variant is black tea commonly referred to as “English breakfast tea” Use fresh milk and those who like to sweeten it with a teaspoon or two of sugar!

11. Cider

With rich orchards, England is the third largest cider producer in the world and the largest cider consumer per capita! Available from a large number of regional producers and rejected You can find many different flavors of cider in any bar restaurant or supermarket. The perfect pint to enjoy in the summer sun!

12. Pimm’s

Pimm’s gin liqueurs are often mixed with lemonade and puree for refreshing summer cocktails. think a bit like the answer English by Aperol Spritz. You’ll find this fruity cocktail at a Wimbledon wedding or any summer evening.

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