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Why is it important to let your child travel alone?

Why is it important to let your child travel alone

Holidays without parents allow children to gain maturity and autonomy. How to avoid anxiety and anxiety?

Letting your child travel alone gives them independence and confidence. Whether the vacation is as part of a summer camp a language stop or a vacation with friends these privileged moments away from parents contribute to a child’s development and autonomy.

Summer camp

Summer camps generally accept children over the age of 3. But there’s no point rushing them to summer camp if they’re not ready. These holidays are not taken by parents as much as possible and it is necessary to listen to the little ones. Most of the time the child will be near the theme when he was 5 or 6 years old. But if he hasn’t talked about going on vacation alone around the age of 8 or 10 you can subtly arouse him and ask him to find out his desires when you think it’s in his favor.

Thanks to the summer camp the child gradually learns to cut the bond between him and his parents. He washes makes beds organizes things and cleans rooms according to the organization established within the colony. As he develops his social skills he begins to open up Shared with others to show generosity and acceptance to live with others.

Summer camp is also an opportunity to practice different activities such as horse riding sailing paragliding theatre music etc. These individual vacations can spark a child’s interest in sports the arts or a specific field. They also learned to speak in front of them Others defend or share their ideas and experiences with classmates. All these opportunities shape his character especially when he’s shy.

Summer camp is of course vacation! The kid is there to have fun with his new friends and educators. This solitary stay will allow him to live a new experience in a relaxed atmosphere under the kind supervision of his mentor.

Despite all these positive and engaging aspects it’s normal to feel a little apprehensive when your child heads to summer camp. To be better prepared you can take him on vacation with his grandparents or other entourage from time to time.

To reduce separation-related anxiety parents should learn as much as possible about the organization that manages the camp where their children will be staying the number of participants and the capabilities of the camp director. Camp and coaches. exist In general the group’s website features photos of the camp and the phone number or email address of the person in charge.

Parents are also advised to mentally prepare their children for a vacation away from them. Try to make him understand that it’s a great experience he’ll have many friends and he can do a lot of activities to pass the time. This is why it is not recommended Send him to summer camp where there is only one main activity the child may not stick with.

In another register, it is important to plan your child’s vacation by carefully preparing their luggage. To do this you have to take into account his age when and where he stayed and the internal organization of the camp. If he only goes for 10 days there is no need to fill two suitcases with all his clothes. Also, Brittany is not Siberia summer shorts are more suitable than parkas! The ideal would be to keep his stuff in a suitcase on wheels so he can pull it. Avoid choosing a suitcase that is larger than your child as it can be laborious to move it. For example, if he goes to the beach don’t neglect a backpack that is useful for hiking and carrying items. If your kids are going camping forget the suitcase and opt for a backpack or gym bag that will take up less space in the tent.

As for pocket money, you must adjust the amount based on your child’s age and camp conditions. A 7-year-old can buy candy cookies and postcards to send to his parents for a little money. If he were any older he would need more pocket money to cover his expenses.

Language stays

The adage passed down from youth is perfect for au pair accommodation for young people and language accommodation for children of a certain age who wish to deepen their mastery of foreign languages ​​such as English. E.g

These accommodations are a great opportunity to learn a language and travel. Since your child will have to speak frequently in the language of the host country this will allow him to progress quickly. If he lives with his family it will be an opportunity to enjoy a rich holiday experience without family His parents are in a family structure. In addition to learning the language, he will have time to explore the country’s interactions with residents open up to new cultures, and taste new flavors.

A language stay is also an opportunity to make friends from the host country or other similar countries. During these parentless vacations, he also learned to cultivate his autonomy and deal with any issues that might arise. Nor should it be forgotten When he landed an internship or job the language stop was always a plus on his young resume.

But for language to be beneficial to your child you must pay attention to certain aspects. First of all, it is necessary to decide which language he wants to learn: the language of Shakespeare and Goethe…? The response allows you to select the most suitable destination country.

It is also important to carefully choose the organization responsible for the accommodation. Make sure it’s seriousness and notoriety. Try talking to parents who have sent their children abroad through the center. In case of problems there is a French-speaking interlocutor Who can you contact 24 hours a day? Look carefully at the number of hours offered by the different activities the distance between the accommodation and the classroom where your child is staying and the supervision of the host family. All these criteria must be considered when choosing a language course. Also knowing these details can reduce any anxiety about staying abroad, especially when leaving your kids traveling alone. Do not hesitate to discuss these different viewpoints with him to reassure him.

As far as luggage is concerned you can let your child choose what to pack…while supervising the removal of any excess and possibly adding some warm clothes they may have neglected to pack.

Les vacances entre amis

When your child grows up and becomes a teenager or young adult it is sometimes impossible for him to attend summer camps or language stops. From the age of 15 or 16, he usually wants to go with his friends. such a holiday will strengthen its independence. Indeed on the threshold of an active life or before going to college, he must learn to manage himself and solve the problems that may arise during the journey.

However, this does not prevent you from taking certain precautions. Experts recommend signing a contract of trust which includes a commitment from one person to another. let him promise you to take care of him For example safety don’t be flippant and don’t be alone after a certain hour. Mainly because he feels responsible. On your side, you also have to make sure not to call him every time Text him every hour or every 5 minutes. In short, don’t suffocate or disturb him while he is playing with his friends. Again it’s important to let him know that you can always be reached if something goes wrong At any time he can count on you to help him.

Going alone or with his friends is an advantage for your child along with a responsibility to manage his expenses. If he spends too much he may not have enough money to complete his trip. This experience will especially benefit him when he has to manage his budget in the future. For convenience and to avoid theft you can give him a bank card that he can use. because you can limit the ceiling Daily withdrawals will make it easier for them to manage their budget and you’ll rest assured that they won’t be able to spend all their money at once! Even cards with systematic balance control do not allow any Balance overrun. Parents can also turn off the “online payment” function to avoid accidents.

If he doesn’t already have a phone maybe it’s time to get him one. This will allow him to reach you give him messages and ask for help if necessary.

Keep your child’s travel protected

Whether your child is going alone to summer camp or a language stop with his friends his safety is paramount. A subscription to travel insurance allows him to benefit from optimal coverage.

ACS offers global partner travel insurance. It is suitable for students and travelers under the age of 70 who travel around the world. So it provides global coverage for your kids Emergency services can be contacted 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This travel insurance covers medical expenses lost or stolen luggage during round trips civil liability and repatriation. Inpatient costs and transfers to the center are also included Get medical care if necessary. A lot of the anxiety associated with traveling alone will vanish.

There are many ways to let your child go on vacation alone. These experiences will teach him to accept social attitudes and gain more autonomy. for your peace and It is recommended that your children purchase travel insurance before departure to cover any events that may disrupt their stay.


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