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Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean Bali attracts tourists from all over the world every year. They go there to contemplate its incredible beauty its heavenly setting its natural gems.. some go there It is also possible to rest in pleasant and exotic surroundings. To make the most of the wealth of this dream destination and have a great vacation check out our top tips for traveling to Bali.

Things to know before going to Bali

where to? What are the necessities? What do we eat in Bali? What are the uses and customs of the islanders? It’s normal to have a few questions in your mind before you set off for Bali. on the day The island is different from the ones we passed through in France. In order not to be completely out of tune with the Balinese way of life we recommend that you learn about the local culture traditions history and religion. and many more

Vegetable rice noodles. Balinese diets have common characteristics of the Asian world. It consists of a large number of vegetarian holy dishes. It is important to know that in Bali residents mainly believe in Hinduism and Buddhism so most residents do not eat meat. You can still find meat in tourist spots and in the typical local dish nasi-goreng which contains eggs and chicken. Near the coast, the chances of eating grilled fish are multiplied. So if you like to fish you’re in for a treat!

As for communication with local people don’t panic! Although the main language spoken is Indonesian the Balinese often speak English. If you can master the language well then you won’t It’s hard for you to understand.

Remember in Bali it’s easy to feel like a millionaire: 1 Euro is equivalent to about 15,000 rupiahs. The cost of living is lower than in western countries you benefit from higher purchasing power.

Getting ready for a trip to Bali

To travel to Bali you must have a passport valid for more than 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia; you can also apply for a tourist visa if you want to stay there for more than 30 days. we you It is recommended that you contact the competent authorities to obtain these administrative documents which are essential for your departure. For your ticket, we recommend that you book in advance. They will cost approx. €700 round trip which can be a good chunk of your budget. Note that flights from France to Bali usually last 16 hours so don’t forget to prepare to survive the flight before you fly Long haul (rare direct flights).

Sanitary conditions in Bali are relatively good. To stay there no vaccinations are required. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you keep your vaccines updated and Japanese encephalitis.

If you want to take advantage of your trip to Bali to travel to Indonesia again find out if you need antimalarial treatment. Generally, throughout Indonesia, it is recommended Protect yourself from mosquito bites during your stay.

Once there even for a few days, you are not immune to tropical diseases or accidents that can lead to expensive medical bills checkups, and/or hospitalization. go through With bad luck you could injure yourself with food poisoning on the beach or get bitten by a pesky mosquito. In this case, especially don’t let your wound or untreated disease take time to heal itself or receive proper care Continue to enjoy your stay. Your little medicine chest should be with you throughout your stay it’s always available!

Of course, purchasing travel insurance before departure allows you to take it easy and fully enjoy your trip in complete safety. You will know that in the event of an accident you will be accompanied.

When to go to Bali?

If we stick to the weather conditions the best time of year for a Bali vacation is from May to October during the dry season. These months are the driest and sunniest isle. This period corresponds to the best season most coveted by tourists on the island.

In Bali, the average annual temperature is 26°. The island’s tropical climate (hot and humid) offers two main seasons: the dry season and the rainy season from January to April. This time of year isn’t much better It’s time to travel to Bali but if you go there you will encounter fewer tourists because it’s low season.

Outside of the year-round rainy season, heavy showers can hit you from head to toe. To avoid this whatever period you choose remember to take Rain gear to take full advantage of the sun.

If you still don’t know when to choose to go to Bali? You can use a trip planner to help you choose the best months to visit the island.

How to get around in Bali?

There are several modes of transport available during your stay in Bali:

  • Scooter: You could even say “essential scooter” because it’s on all roads. The main means of transport for Balinese are easily accessible rent is about 5 euros per day and it is possible to go to these places The most remote part of the island. If you make this choice first be vigilant and don’t forget to wear a helmet as traffic can be heavy and chaotic in some places.
  • Car: Even if many travelers hesitate to use a taxi it is possible to rent a car that is reasonably priced offers original routes and offers very good advice.
    Be careful not to be fooled: we recommend that you always determine the price of a race before hitting the road in a taxi. Car and taxi travel makes luggage transport easier think about it!
  • “bemo”: Of course the transport offering the most attractive price a bemo is a local bus that looks like a van. All sites on the island are available to users.
  • Boat or Airplane: Don’t miss your chance to visit Bali. If you go to the surrounding islands you still have to choose sea or air. Don’t worry the price is generally more than reasonable.

What to do in Bali?

In Bali (especially during the dry season) tourists can take part in a variety of excursions and activities!

Bali Attractions


The island is famous for its waves and offers many surf spots. The most famous of these are Utuwatu Dreamland Kuta and Padang Padang. The waves are there and beginner surfers are welcome all year round. Experiences from around the world.

Scuba diving and snorkeling

Located at the heart of one of the richest marine biodiversity on earth Bali has paved the way for nautical activities. The Indonesian archipelago where the island is located is a real treasure for amateurs Diving and snorkeling. The marine fauna and seabed of the island offer visitors a colorful show consisting of a variety of corals and a variety of marine animals: seahorse turtles manta rays or rays sharks.

Several resorts in Bali offer such activities. Especially on the Amed side of the eastern part of the island, it is the most popular dive site. These different sites give Depending on each person’s level of depth or the possibility to appreciate what’s going on in Bali’s waters on the surface.


Bali is suitable for hiking in nature. There are many and always magnificent hiking trails on the island. The most famous of these is the ascent of Mount Batur the ascent of Mount Agung and even a walk in the rice fields of Sidemen. Have Enough to want to get lost in these breathtaking natural environments.

Places to visit in Bali

The Indonesian island is full of gems. Those lucky enough to discover this incredible island will experience unforgettable moments. Tourists set out to explore its most beautiful places: its iconic cultural heritage and extraordinary scenery.

Some of the most spectacular sights include:

– Beautiful beaches: Lovina Karang and even Jimbaran in southern Bali are unique white sand beaches. Postcard-worthy they welcome tourists and locals alike for sea activities or just to soak up the sun.

– Temples: Bali’s essential temples are representative of the Hindu culture that is very common on the island. There are nearly a thousand. Some will open their doors to the public if you dress appropriately. Among the most popular are:

  • Ulun Danu Temple: Symbol of the Island This temple dedicated to the water god means “the beginning of the lake”. The temple is located a few kilometers from the ancient city of Bedu in the northern center of the island on the edge of Lake Bratan.
  • Tanah Lot: Located in western Bali near Denpasar City Tanah Lot Temple is one of the island’s iconic temples. It is built on a rock overlooking the sea. It can only be reached by boat at high tide and on foot at low tide. This place is a must. Visitors especially appreciate the magnificent photos it can take especially at sunset.
  • Tirta Empul Temple: This Balinese Hindu water temple is a place of purification for Hindus. They believed that the spring water created by the god Indra was sacred and had healing properties. Today believers and tourists from all over the world come here to bathe in the refreshing blessings waters.

– Rice Fields: Rice cultivation is the main activity on Mashima and it is this activity that greatly shapes the Balinese landscape. Rice terraces form a wonderful geometric landscape for visitors to enjoy. The Jatliwuh site which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of them Most of the rice fields visited form a unique natural amphitheater.

– Volcanoes: There are several volcanoes on the island the most famous of which is Mount Agung which means the highest mountain. It is a true religious symbol of Balinese Hindus. At about 3142 meters above sea level, it is a real challenge for trekkers. on the island, There is volcanic activity. Mount Agung is one of the active volcanoes and it doesn’t fail to offer several eruptions the last one in May 2019.

Bali is one of the best tourist destinations in recent years. Whether it’s a solo holiday with family friends or a couple; the island preserves beautiful surprises in a breathtaking setting.

So, would you like to travel to Bali?


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