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Living in England: our advice for a successful expatriation


Since the beginning of 2021 with the famous Brexit move to the UK, the situation has become more complicated than ever. So here are some key points to know to best support you in your expatriate project.

The first thing to know is that now in the UK you have to find a job before you can leave to settle. The administrative process is quite lengthy to obtain your precious visa: please be patient!

Once you put your visa in your pocket on the spot a new life is offered you discover the cultural landscape…and career opportunities are considered more numerous and more equal: try your luck across the Channel!

Why move to England?

Proximity to France

Living in the UK has many advantages. First, the UK is so close to France that you can come back regularly so you don’t miss family celebrations or meetings with friends. Geographically we’re still in Europe so there’s less of a culture shock though It’s more important than if you leave e.g live in Vietnam. Daily life goes like this: traffic supermarket…you shouldn’t get too lost.

culture and history

The UK is one of the oldest countries in the world with a rich history and culture. Throughout the region, you will be able to find castles from the great period of the Middle Ages. The history of the monarchy and the royal family runs through everyday life in the UK. england is There is also a diverse art scene. Fans of musical movies or even works of art will be delighted! Note that many museums are free.

To settle in England is to immerse yourself in a country in the UK. The country brings together four countries: England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland each of which retains its historical customs and traditions. From London a simple train journey of just a few hours You go to Scotland and then you’re totally out of place, especially with the “thank you” Scottish accent (good luck understanding!).


Not surprisingly English is the language spoken in England. This is an advantage for those who may have learned it in school. So you should arrive with some language baggage. Moving to certain countries can sometimes be a real challenge when it comes to learning a language. In England even if you have some Cons Learning can be quick and English speakers are generally patient with foreigners struggling to absorb their language.

Ease of getting around the country

By train

Getting around the UK is very easy, especially by train. Let’s not forget that the locomotive was invented in England. Trains travel up and down the country in great comfort and on time and you can easily and inexpensively explore your host country.

By car

While there are English drivers on the left side of the site you can drive if you have a French license before January 1, 2021.

On the other side of the strait car insurance is also mandatory and it works in a similar way to France: you can even use the bonus you get after years in France without an accident. You have to be patient to find a company that agrees to take it into account but works.

The job market in England

The job market in England is dynamic and the unemployment rate is fairly low (around 4% in November 2021). English speakers place more value on experience than qualifications and are more inclined to provide opportunities for those who show they are enterprising.

Be sure to update your LinkedIn profile when looking for jobs living in the UK Brits are very social. Having a good level of English is of course essential but don’t demand too much of yourself there is more tolerance in the UK than you might think.

Your working hours should be about the same as in France. The average working time is 38 hours but the maximum working time is set at 48 hours. In terms of leave, the mandatory minimum period is 4 weeks but many companies allow 5 weeks including public holidays.

Taxation in England

England taxed its compatriots higher than France taxes were calculated on a gross rather than net basis and the tax brackets were less progressive. The good news is that it is easier for individuals to collect taxes. If you only deduct one employer income tax at the source you don’t even need to file one tax refund.

Living in England also means:


While moving to the UK has many advantages life is not perfect and there are some disadvantages. The first is probably the most famous: the weather. The skies in England are usually grey due to heavy rain, especially in Liverpool Plymouth, and Heathwaite. the air is still pretty cool Temperatures rarely exceed 25 degrees throughout the year. Note that in winter the nights are very early so the sun is not very visible.

However, some parts of England have a pleasant climate and this is especially the case in Cornwall. This point in the far southwest of the country benefits from a mild microclimate all year round.

Mass tourism

England is also a popular country for tourists thanks to its history culture and breathtaking scenery especially on the coast in summer. As a result, we often find many holidaymakers congregating in the same place which can quickly become overcrowded. In the summer the Brits themselves flock to their beaches.

The capital London is a veritable open-air museum a city of culture with iconic monuments not to be missed: the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Globally it attracts a record number of tourists of around 30 million international tourists each year.


Brexit has complicated relations between France and the UK. Apart from the need for a visa to settle in the English Channel all communication is now disrupted. Therefore anyone wishing to visit you must have a passport an ID card is no longer sufficient. it should also be noted that from now on the sending of packages between the two countries is subject to international shipping rules so please be aware of customs fees and taxes.

The cost of living in England

Overall the cost of living in England is higher than in France but it all depends on where you live. Just as living in Paris is more expensive than living in the provinces so living in London is more expensive than living in the English countryside.

In March 2022 the average monthly salary in England is £2,000 or about €2,400. The minimum wage is £9.50 or €11.43 an hour.

Transportation is generally more expensive. For example, in London, the monthly fee for public transport in Zones 1 and 2 (Centre) is £147.50 or €177. However, if you live in the provinces the cost will be much lower.

As for the food, it’s comparable in price to France as is gas or leisure. For example, the average price of a movie ticket is £10 or €12.

Rent also varies depending on where you live. London like any capital is very expensive but it is possible to find affordable housing just a little further away from the city center. In other major cities across the country, it is easier to find accommodation.

Where to live in England?

England is a country with different territories offering different opportunities. From the big cities to the countryside from the seaside to the vast plains, there is something for everyone.

Living in London, the capital

London is home to what we often say is the largest French community of 150,000 people living outside of France. The capital attracts these professional opportunities with its rich culture and openness. Most French people living in the city will tell you that you can No matter what you want in London’s melting pot no matter what color religion or orientation everyone is welcome. sex.

Live in Brighton by the sea

Brighton in the south of the country is the ideal city if you want seaside fun in a mid-sized town. Culture is very rich with a beautiful music scene on every street corner street art and lots of handicrafts this is a vibrant city. Another significant advantage is that central London is only an hour away by train.

live in Liverpool in the north of the country

At the mouth of the River Mersey in the northwest of the country, Liverpool has the advantage of less sunny weather. England’s fourth largest city with almost half a million inhabitants is a multicultural city and an important university center making it a vibrant agglomeration. In Liverpool, you’ll be immersed in the heart of British life.

The English countryside

The Kent Cotswolds or Cornuaye offer tranquility and scenic beauty. Proximity to major cities especially London depends on your choice but England is a small country and everything is easily accessible in just a few hours by car or train. Due to telecommuting During the pandemic, there is a good chance of living in the countryside while working for a company in London.

The essential visa to settle in England

Exiting the EU from the UK now requires a visa to live in the UK. From now on only family or tourist visits or in some specific and limited cases stay for study or professional reasons visa waiver requirement for up to 6 months. Therefore to move to the UK before any administrative process you must first find an approved employer to sponsor your application. The procedure is similar to the steps required to move to Australia or the US but simpler.

Conditions for obtaining a skilled worker visa

The most popular visa is called the Skilled Worker Visa which stands for Skilled Worker Visa. To get it you need an overall score of 70 based on criteria set by the UK Immigration Service. Some standards are mandatory.

So of course you must justify a job offer from an approved employer and the job must be qualified and your skills must correspond to the job being offered. We will also check your English skills with tests that require a minimum B1 level. These three mandatory standards can Collect 50 points. For these 20 missing points, the nature of the job the annual salary and even having a Ph.D. in some fields are the bonuses you need.

Apply for a visa to live in England

After meeting the application requirements some documents will be required:

Proof of sponsorship from your employer with his name and license sponsor number;

the result of your English level test;

a valid passport;

Your job occupation code and annual salary.

You may also be asked to show proof of savings of £1,270 that you will be able to support yourself for the first few months. All documents provided must be translated into English by an official translator. When ready you can submit your application online in the UK Visit the government website as early as three months before your employment contract begins.

Replies will be sent to you within three weeks but if you are in a hurry and want a quicker response you can pay an extra £1000.

Fees for obtaining a Skilled Worker visa

Visa applications are not free. Depending on the duration of your visa the application fee is between £610 and £1408 and is the amount communicated during the online application. In addition to this, it also includes the cost of joining the NHS England Health Service. Subscription is Mandatory there is a fee of £624 per visa year all fees are payable when you submit your application.

That is in the absence of obligations the employer can cover the various costs associated with the visa. find out!

Other possible UK ex-pat visas

For health sector workers you should apply for a Health and Care Worker visa. The industry lacks labor in England and it is easy to get a visa as long as you have the required skills. Note that the procedure is the same as the skilled worker visa you will also have An employer required to sponsor your application.

The Creative Worker visa covers the art audiovisual and media industries. In this case, you will also need to demonstrate that you are making a unique contribution to the UK labor market. In other words, prove that employers cannot find your skills in the UK population.

Lastly, there are about twenty visas to live in the UK and you can find one for your situation to gather all the necessary documents to verify your documents to the greatest extent possible.

Practical steps to settle in England

Once you get a visa you will have a new life but some administrative procedures will be required to integrate into the country.

The health system in England, the NHS

As in France healthcare is free in the UK. To do this you must register with a GP (General Practitioner) which is the equivalent of a general practitioner. Then you will have free access to all public healthcare services. Remember to start the process to get your National Insurance Number (NIN is equivalent to Social Security Number).

It should be noted however that wait times for public services can sometimes be long and the quality of care varies. The private sector has a strong reputation for the quality of care but costs are much higher. Between £75 and £250 for general consultation Practitioners i.e 80 to 275 euros.

This is why many employers provide employees with private health insurance in addition to wages. If you’re not so lucky you can subscribe separately but it costs quite a bit. The ideal solution is to purchase ex-pat health insurance directly in France. leave with peace of mind Insurance is provided according to your needs covering costs from the first euro.

Renting a place in England

Finding accommodation in England can be easy or a real hurdle depending on where you live. Overall you should know that the UK rental market is much more flexible than the French market. Tenants are far less protected than in France: if they don’t pay rent Landlords can end leases easily and quickly.

Also, the security you are required to provide when renting will be lower. Many times just paying a deposit and the first month’s rent is enough to own your apartment. If there is competition as might be the case in London who usually has the best Document that the property will be rented out so keep your documents safe!

Be careful to check if fees are covered (billing in English) if they make sure you understand what fees are covered. Utilities and internet are usually included in the rent. On the other hand, the council tax equivalent to our housing tax is usually Paid extra it can be high depending on the community.

Buying a house in England

Buying property in England is not easy when you first move to the country. UK banks with no banking history will not lend you money.

So the first thing you do when you arrive is to open a bank account with a credit card. So you’ll start building your credit score as an expression of your solvency. Unlike France which is judged by its ability to save the British system and more by its ability to repay its debt.

On the other hand, you should know that buying a property can be governed by two types of contracts. In a freehold similar to the French transaction you buy the house and the land on which it sits. Contrary to leasing you become the owner of the house but only In most cases, the tenancy of the land is 90 years.

Educate your children in England

Another important option for parents when they arrive in the UK is the institution that educates their children. Anyone with a strong interest in French knows that there are a large number of French schools in the UK, especially in London. So from kindergarten to high school, This is very possible if you want to keep your child in the French system for example to facilitate the return to France. You’ll notice that these schools are private and their fees can easily vary from £6,000 to £13,000 a year.

On the other hand, some parents want their children to be fully immersed in English culture and this is achieved through school. As we all know the British school system is very different from French education. This is also a great advantage for higher education especially if you want to provide your children with the Possibility of entry to one of the UK’s leading universities.

In conclusion, living in the UK means immersing yourself in a new culture while staying close to the French European way of life. All you have to do is find a job and choose your life to start! An experience abroad is always a beautiful and great adventure.

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